FY 2015

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FY 2015 22. Gaurav Goyal has well done his PhD defense to develop and characterize nanopore systems for nanoscale vesicles’ analysis. As a research scientist, Dr. Goyal will work in the Quantum Biosystems to develop next DNA sequencing technologies. (December 2015) 21. As an invited speaker in the 19th SANKEN International Nanotechnology Symposium, Prof. Kim will introduce his ongoing nanopore […]

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FY 2014

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FY 2014 11.Prof. Kim has been elected a Fellow of the International Society of Bionic Engineering (ISBE). The nomination for fellow membership of ISBE was started in June, 2014. The evaluation meeting was held in this September in Beijing, and the Executive Board of Directors gave their evaluation result according to the “Fellow Membership Regulation”. Prof. Kim has been one of the five fellow members […]

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FY 2013

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FY 2013 20. Kevin has very successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled “The Study of Single Molecule Protein Biophysics Using a Solid-State Nanopore.” Kevin will join the Edel Group at Imperial College London for single molecule biophysics research. His postdoctoral fellowship will be supported by the Whitaker Foundation. Congratulations! (December 2013) 19. Our team has been awarded a Korea Institute of Science and Technolgy Global Research […]

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FY 2012

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FY 2012 15. Prof. Kim has been invited to the network meeting of the Humboldt Foundation in Karlsruhe. (November 2012) 14. Prof. Kim will serve as program co-chair to successfully organize the 10th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intellignece. (November 2012) 13. Prof. Kim has been appointed as international organizing committee chair to coordinate the 12th International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems. […]

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FY 2011

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FY 2011 18. Sean Brigandi has successfully completed his M.S.M.E. in the Kim Group. His research involved developing techniques to utilize Tetrahymena pyriformis as a cellular robot. He now works for Remington & Vernick Engineers as a design engineer (December 2011) 17.Two assessment based courses – Fundmentals of Nanomanufacturing & Applications and Fundamentals of Nano Metrology & Best Practices are […]

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FY 2010

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FY 2010 21. U Kei Cheang and Prof. Kim will attend the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics meeting to present ongoing research effort in insect flight, flagellar mechanics, cell-based energy harvest, and nanoparticle separation. (November 2010) 20. Prof. Kim will present a seminar for Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Environmental and Applied Fluid Mechanics (CEAFM) Seminar Series, in which research […]

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FY 2009

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FY 2009 17. Prof. Kim will speak to the Center for Research and Education in Optical Sciences and Applications at Delaware State University on December 3rd. His talk is entitled “Bacterial Microfluidics and Nanofluidics for Microbiorobotics and Single Molecule Analysis “. (December 2009) 16. Hosted by the Laurence A. Baiada Center for Enterpreneurship in Technology, the Drexel Green Initiative and the […]

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FY 2008

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FY 2008 24. Dal Hyung Kim and Dave Casale (UG) have been to Semmelweis Univeristy in Hungary to initiate international collaboration research activities, in which they studied the motion of Tetrahymena pyriformis under chemotactic environments. (December  2008) 23. Anmiv Prabhu has received the “Best Presentation Award – ASME IMECE Microfluidics 2008 – Fluids Engineering in Micro- and Nanosystems Symposium” for his presentation on “Synthetic Nanoscale Architectures […]

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FY 2007

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FY 2007 26. Dr. Kim has received the National Science Foundation CAREER Award for his project entitled, “CAREER: The Integration of Biomolecular Motors for Bacterial Actuation, Sensing, and Transport (BAST) at Micro/Nanoscale.” The objective is to demonstrate the use of flagellated bacteria as controllable, reconfigurable elements in a microfluidic network of microengineered systems and to adapt polymeric protein nanostructures such as bacterial flagellar filaments for use in […]

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FY 2006

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FY 2006 6. Dr. Kim will serve as a keynote organizer for the Microfluidics Symposium at the 2007 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE) Meeting. He served at the 2006 ASME IMECE as a Session Chair for the Forum on Fluids Engineering in Micro- and Nano-Systems IV. 5. Dr. Kim was invited to present his seminar “Novel Approaches to Nanofabrication for Single […]

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