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FY 2007

26. Dr. Kim has received the National Science Foundation CAREER Award for his project entitled, “CAREER: The Integration of Biomolecular Motors for Bacterial Actuation, Sensing, and Transport (BAST) at Micro/Nanoscale.” The objective is to demonstrate the use of flagellated bacteria as controllable, reconfigurable elements in a microfluidic network of microengineered systems and to adapt polymeric protein nanostructures such as bacterial flagellar filaments for use in nanoscale devices. His educational plan includes offering a course in the emerging technologies in nanoscale manufacturing and metrology
for engineering and technology creating enormous potential for increasing student learning experiences. (Dec. 2007)

25. Dr. Kim has been elected as a cochair for the Microfluidic Symposium at the 2008 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE) Meeting. He served as a session chair and a keynote organizer for Microfludics 2007: Fluid Engineering in Micro- and Nanosystems. (Nov. 2007)

24. The Best of Program Award was awarded to Drexel University’s MEM Senior Design Team in the 2007 National competition sponsored by the James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation. Four mechanical engineering seniors: Jigar Patel, Chandan Naik, Socheth Bith, Lindsay Reber shared the award for their entry, entitled “Autonomous Bacterial Transportation Systems in Microfluidic Environments“.
The purpose of the project advised by Dr. Kim was to harness the power of nanoscale biomolecular motors for engineering applications. The Best of Program Award is awared based on originality, ingenuity, feasibility, results achieved or expected, engineering competence, and clarity of the presentation. The James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation was established in 1936 by the Lincoln Electric Company to advance the science and application of arc welding. Awards have been offered annually for 71 years to recognize superior achievement in these fields. The Lincoln Foundation sponsors this competition to recognize and reward achievement by engineering and technology students in solving design, engineering or fabricating problems. (Oct. 2007)

23. “Using Bacteria as a Power Source” has been featured on Drexel Innovations [Watch
]. (Sep. 2007)

22. Nanowerk and MedGadget have highlighted our single molecule research: “Sucking
nanospaghetti through nanopores – the art of single molecule spectroscopy
” and “Nanopore-based Single Molecule Spectroscopy.” (Sep. 2007)

21. Marquis Who’s Who has selected Dr. Kim for inclusion in the forthcoming 10th Anniversary (2008-2009) Edition of Who’s Who in Science and Engineering (Aug. 2007).

20. Our research progress has been announced by Softpedia – Nanobiotechnology and SciencetickerNanomachines Powered by Bacteria – Microscopic organisms can move tiny structures when stimulated with UV light (Jul. 2007).

19. Physics Web, the community web site of Physics World magazine published by IOP, has highlighted autonomous bacterial transportation systems: Tiny organisms move microstructures (Jul. 2007).

18. Peggy Savage (Richmond Elementary School) and Michael Johnson (Thurgood Marchall K-8) have joined us for participating in the RET program (Jun. 2007).

17. Visit the “Cool Video Collection” to see recent progresses in Kim Group research (Jun. 2007).

16. Controlled mixing in microfluidics using bacterial chemotaxis has been recently highlighted in Lab-on-a-Chip as an article of particular significance/value to miniaturization research (Jun. 2007).

15. Dr. Kim has been selected for inclusion in the AcademicKeys Who’s Who in Engineering Higher Education (WWEHE) (Jun. 2007).

14. Controlled mixing in microfluidics using bacterial chemotaxis has been recently highlighted in Lab-on-a-Chip as an article of particular significance/value to miniaturization research (Jun. 2007).

13. Paul Kim has joined us to study bacterial cell lysis using synthesis of gold nanorods for summer. Paul is currently a Junior at Carnegie Mellon University (May. 2007).

12. Dr. Kim has been invited for a book chapter in “Nanobiotechnology: A New Era of Modern Science,” published by Studium Press, LLC in October 2007 (May. 2007).

11. Dr. Kim has reviewed NSF CHE proposals – Analytical and Surface Chemistry: Electro, Nano, and Surface Chemistry. (May. 2007).

10. Dr. Kim has been invited to hold a seminar in Stenvens Institute of Technology on Sep 12th. 2007: Bacterial Actuation, Sensing, and Transport at Micro/Nanoscale (May. 2007).

9. The IGERT selection committee at Drexel University has decided to award Rafael Mulero a NSF-IGERT fellowship. Congratulations! (Apr. 2007).

8. Dr. Kim was invited to lecture “Bacteria Actuation, Sensing, and Transport (BAST) in Micro/Nanoscale” in the University of Pennsylvania (Apr. 2007).

7. Ed Steager has been choosen as one of Honorable Mention awardees for the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, which is extremely competitive and prestigious fellowship (Mar. 2007).

6. Ed Steager has been awarded the Joseph Carleone Fellowship, which is awarded to a student in the College of Engineering in recognition of academic contributions (Mar. 2007).

5. Dr. Kim’s recent research was featured in the Washington Post: Bacteria Make Fine Machines When the Job is Small Enough (Feb. 2007).

4. Dr. Kim was invited to be a panelist to review Nanoscale Exploratory Research (NER) proposals in the area of biomolecules and electrospinning at NSF (Feb. 2007).

3. Research in Kim Group was featured in tens of science magazine and newspaper internationally: Surfwax College News, Medical News Today, Science Daily News, Physics
, The Clinician’s Ultimate Reference, Librian Resource Center, SciencetickerGastroenteritis: the latest RSS news, Biology Daily, Medicine & Health, The Buffalo News, XenoMedMedical Lead, and so forth.

2. Analytical Chemistry featured Dr. Kim’s exciting research with an article entitled “Controlled Mixing in Microfluidic Systems Using Bacterial Chemotaxis.” The article showed up in the Feb. 2nd issue of the journal. Dr. Kim’s research was also publicized in the ACS News Service Weekly PressPac (selected among hundreds of ACS journal), a package of brief announcements that was sent to journalists at newspapers, magazines,
broadcast outlets and online sites.

1. Three papers have been submitted to the 18th International Symposium on Transport Phenomena (ISTP-18), which will be held in Daejeon, Korea