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FY 2010

21. U Kei Cheang and Prof. Kim will attend the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics meeting to present ongoing research effort in insect flight, flagellar mechanics, cell-based energy harvest, and nanoparticle separation. (November 2010)

20. Prof. Kim will present a seminar for Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Environmental and Applied Fluid Mechanics (CEAFM) Seminar Series, in which research effort on microbiorobotics for autonomy devices will be highlighted. (November 2010)

19. The Silver Award (2nd place in Division IV) and the Merit Award (4th place in Division IV) were awarded to Drexel University’s MEM Senior Design Teams in the 2010 National competition sponsored by the James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation.  Six MEM and BME senior students: Tushar Sethi (BME), Lonnie Snyder (MEM), Dheeraj Roy (BME), Stephen Tran (MEM), U Kei Cheang (MEM), and Nithya Thambi (BME) shared the Silver Award ($125.00 per student) for their entry, entitled “Biologically Inspired Robotic Microswimmers.” The goal of the project was the construction and testing of a biomimetic, microscale drug delivery system with active propulsion. Four mechanical engineering senior students: Gauri Khanolkar (MEM), Ali Sajwani (MEM), Drew Flast (MEM), and Ross Shacklett (MEM) shared the Merit Award ($62.50 per student) for their entry, entitled “Developing a Foldable Wing Flapping Mechanism for Micro Air Vehicles.” The objective of the project was to fabricate a fixed foldable flapping wing model as well as investigate how aerodynamic characteristics of beetle wings are affected by variations in flapping angle, flapping frequency and aerodynamic force. Both projects were supervised by Prof. MinJun Kim. The awards were given based on originality, ingenuity, feasibility, results achieved or expected, engineering competence, and clarity of the presentation. (October 2010)

18. Kevin Freedman will attend the IEEE Sensors 2010 Conference to present his research progress in protein kinetics. (October 2010)

17. Prof. Kim has been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation for his international project, entitled “U.S.-Korea Planning Visit: Collaboration in Insect Flight Research“. A one-year international research program initiated at Drexel with the participation of Konkuk University is proposed to understand the fundamental scientific principles that elucidate the wing folding/unfolding mechanism and govern the wing-wing interaction between the elytron and hind wing of a beetle during free-hovering flight. Four undergraduate and graduate students will join the planning visit in Korea to be trained to master many state-of-the-art techniques such as DLT and 3D PIV. (October 2010)

16. Prof. Kim will give an invited seminar at the University of Nevada @ Reno, in which biologically inspired robotic swimmers will be highlighted. (October 2010)

15. Prof. Kim will give an invited seminar at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, in which biologically inspired robotic swimmers will be highlighted. (October 2010)

14. U Kei Cheang and Wonjin Jo will attend the international conference on biofabrication to present their research progress in drug delivery vehicles and synthesis of gold nanorods. (September 2010)

13. Prof. Kim will give invited seminars at both POSTECH and Kyungpook National University in Korea, in which bacterial or cellular microrobots for autonomy will be demonstrated. (September 2010)

12. Prof. Kim (CoPI, with PI, S. Kalidindi) has been awarded an Army Research Office (ARO) Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP) grant entitled, “Acquistion of a Fast Raman Imaging System”. The award will be used to acquire a Fast Raman Imaging System for the collection and analysis of Raman spectroscopy chemical maps on a broad range of objects including bacteria, polymer, composites, nanomaterials, pharmaceutical, etc. (August 2010)

11. U Kei and Dr. Lee will attend the 2010 Metro Area MEMS/NEMS Workshop and give an oral presentation, entitled “Fabrication and Magnetic Control of Bacteria-Inspired Drug Delivery Vehicles.” (July 2010)

10. Prof. Kim will give invited talks in universities and attend the 14th International Symposium on Flow Visualization in Korea. (June 2010)

9. Prof. Kim will speak on 17 May 2010 at Binghamton University, in which microbiorobotics for single cell manipulation will be presented. (May 2010)

8. Prof. Kim has been selected as a recipient of the prestigious U.S. Army Research Office Young Investigator Award for his project entitled “The Mechanics and Engineering of Bacterial Flagella for Adaptive Nanoelectronics.” The objective of this project is to understand the unique properties of bacterial flagellar filaments and to exploit them for use in nanoscale electronic device. (April 2010)

7. Kevin Freedman and U Kei Cheang have been awarded the prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Kevin will continuously work on his single molecule analysis to understand protein kinetics. U Kei will investigate bacteria-powered microrobots for his Ph.D. Congratulations!! There have been 3 NSF GRF awardees, 1 NSF GRF honorable mention student, and 1 NDSEGF awardee in the Kim Group. (April 2010)

6. Prof. Kim has been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation (CMMI: Control Systems) for his project entitled “Motion Control of Bacteria-Powered Microrobots”. Drexel is the leading institution in this collaborative research project with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The objective of the research program is to acquire an in-depth understanding of the fundamental scientific principles that govern the control of bacterial propulsion systems, as well as to demonstrate the enabling technologies necessary to accomplish the feedback control of bacteria-powered microscale structures for use in micro-assembly and micro-robotics. (April 2010)

5. Prof. Kim will speak on 21 April 2010 at the University of Cincinnati, in which biologically inspired systems for microbiorobotics and single molecule analysis will be highlighted. (April 2010)

4. Prof. Kim will speak on 25 March 2010 at RPI, hosted by the Department of Electrical, Computer, & Systems Engineering. (March 2010)

3. Prof. Kim (PI, with Profs. J. Zhou, G. Yang, and S. Solomon) has received a grant from the National Science Foundation (DUE: Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement) for undergraduate course development. The main objective of this educational program is to bring relevant nanoscale engineering physics and chemistry into the educational experience of undergraduate engineering students as well as develop and test a set of collaborative lecture and laboratory modules in nanoscale metrology and manufacturing. (March 2010)

2. Anmiv Prabhu wins the Best Paper Award at the ASME IMECE 2009. (January 2010)

1. Prof. Kim will speak to the ‘UConn-Drexel-POSTECH Joint Workshop on Frontier Research in Nano/MEMS/Bio Technology’ at the University of Connecticut on January 27th. (January 2010)