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FY 2013

20. Kevin has very successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled “The Study of Single Molecule Protein Biophysics Using a Solid-State Nanopore.” Kevin will join the Edel Group at Imperial College London for single molecule biophysics research.
His postdoctoral fellowship will be supported by the Whitaker Foundation. Congratulations! (December 2013)

19. Our team has been awarded a Korea Institute of Science and Technolgy Global Research Laboratory (K-GRL) grant to develop minimally invasive surgery procedures and targeted drug delivery using microrobots. In collaboration with Dr. Jin-Seok Kim at the Center of Bionics, KIST, we will design, model, and test abiotic microrobots to apply groundbreaking techniques and advanced technology to conditions requiring surgical intervention. Some procedures will utilize robotic technology such as closed feedback control and swarm control in order to achieve an even greater degree of precision for delicated procedures. The K-GRL also includes student exchange program between Drexel and KIST. (November 2013)

18. Exciting to see we are one of the five finalists for the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2013 Best Paper Award. The title of the paper is “Feedback control of many magnetized Tetrahymena pyriformis cells by exploiting phase inhomogeneity.” IROS is the main international conference on robotics and systems. This year there were more than 2000 submissions and about 900 papers were selected for publications. Congratulations! (November 2013)

17. Prof. Kim is co-recipient, with PhD student Paul Kim and co-authors Aaron Becker, Yan Ou and Prof. Agung Julius of the 2013 Best Application Paper Award from the 10th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence for their article, “Swarm Control of Cell-Based Microrobots Using a Single Global Magnetic Field.” The award honors the authors of a paper of exceptional merit dealing with a subject related to the Society’s technical scope, irrespective of the author’s age. Congratulations! (October 2013)

16. Prof. Kim has become the only winner of the Bionic Engineering Outstanding Contribution Award, given by the International Society of Bionic Engineering. The award ceremony at the 4th International Conference of Bionic Engineering, Nanjing, China, will
be held in the morning of 14 August. He will also give an invited talk to introduce the
control of achiral microswimmers at low Reynolds number
. (August 2013)

15. The Nanotechweb has announced our research effort on biofilm disinfection using synthesis of gold nanorods, entitled “Laser-induced heating accompanied by photothermal conversion in a gold nanorod cluster disrupts biofilm structure.” (July 2013)

14. Prof. Kim has been awarded a National Science Foundation Division of Materials Research grant to create and understand the properties of flagellar forests, bio-nanomaterials consisting of flagella patterned to a surface, which have novel thermo-chemical-mechanical-optical properties. In collaboration with Prof. Henry Fu at the University of Nevada, Reno, his team will design and develop biomaterial systems that can exhibit autonomic behavior, which requires understanding the stimuli-responsive properties and collective autonomic response of bacterial flagella for bio-enabled sensing and actuation. This new direction of biomaterials research is motivated by the fact that macroscale autonomic behavior in biological systems is controlled by charge and mass transport at the nanoscale, which, in turn, is controlled by the dynamic response of a vast array of polymeric biomolecules. (July 2013)

13. Prof. Kim has grabbed the Defense University Research Instrumentation Program award for digital light processing with fluorescence microscopy for swarm control of biorobots. The funding will be used to develop a novel integrated system module with digital light processing (DLP) and total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy (TIRFM) for scientific research and education in microrobotics for manipulation, and sensing, and biologically inspired metamaterials for nanoelectronics. (June 2013)

12. Wonjin has successfully done her Ph.D. defense. Her Ph.D. dissertation is to utilize bacterial flagella as biotemplates for the fabrication of hybrid nanostructures. Congratulations on Dr. Wonjin Jo! (May 2013)

11. Lab Retreat 2013 – We had lots of fun at Pocono Valley. The retreat was such a wonderful time for all BAST members, and we especially liked to see lab alumni in the retreat! (May 2013)

10. Kevin has been awarded the prestigious Whitaker Fellowship to support his postdoctoral resesearch program at Imperial College London, UK. Congratulations! (April 2013)

9. Paul Kim has been awarded the NSF EAPSI fellowship, which allows him to study microrobotics at Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) this summer. Congratulations! (April 2013)

8. Wonjin’s work on nanoelectronics has been featured on the cover article of Nanotechnology (Vol. 24, 135704)! (April 2013)

7. Dal Hyung has successfully done his Ph.D. defense. His Ph.D. dissertation is to control artificially magnetotactic Tetrahymena pyriformis as a cellular microrobot at low Reynolds numbers. Congratulations on Dr. Dal Hyung Kim! He will join Dr. Liz Kane Group this June for his postdoctoral research in the Rowland Institute at Harvard. (March 2013)

6. Prof. Kim has been selected for the ‘Brain Pool’, a project for inviting and using the best brains in science and engineering from abroad by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), Republic of Korea. Brain Pool Program is aimed at providing incentives for “renowned foreign scientists / engineers and Korean scientists / engineers residing overseas” to come and work in Korea to fortify Korea’s competitiveness in this globalized and informatized world. These invited scientists and engineers are expected to help Korea develop advanced technologies at the research and development stage through acquiring cutting-edge science and technologies at an early date. He (as Brain Pool Scholar) will stay in the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) to study microbiorobotics for minimally invasive surgery this summer. (March 2013)

5. Kevin has been invited to oral presentation to talk about his research in single molecule analysis using solid-state nanopore technology at the 245th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, New Orleans, LA. (February 2013)

4. Prof. Kim will give a talk for the Washington State University MME Symposium Series. (February 2013)

3. Prof. Kim will give a seminar at BSAC in the University of California, Berkeley. (January 2013)

2. Congratulations! Kevin’s image has been selected for the front cover of an upcoming issue of Small. (January 2013)

1. Our senior design project team Joseph Parente, Woo Jin Bak, Thomas Hayden, Timothy Garbarino, and Mark Zebley won the Gold Award in the James F. Lincoln F. Arc Welding Foundation Engineering Student Design Competition for their Project, “Enhancement of Flapping Micro Aerial Vehicle.” The students created a biologically inspired micro aerial vehicle, based on Allomyrina dichotoma. Award criteria for submitted papers included originality or ingenuity; feasibility; results achieved or expected; engineering competence; and clarity of the presentation. The Gold Award comes with a $1,000 prize (January 2013)