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FY 2017

15. The AIP news has posted a press release entitled “Going Swimmingly: Biotemplates Breakthrough Paves Way for Cheaper Nanobots” based on our journal article, “Biotemplated Flagellar Nanoswimmers”. (December 2017)

14. Prof. Kim will give an invited talk entitled “Finding Nano in Bacteria: The Bad, The Good, and The Better” in Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Texas, Dallas. (December 2017)

13. Prof. Kim has been awarded the Sam Taylor Fellowship from The United Methodist General Board of Higher Education and Ministry to initiate a collaborative research program with partner research teams at the Max Planck Institute in Germany for the biomimetic microrobot project. (November 2017)

12. Prof. Kim has joined as an Associate Editor in the  IEEE RA-L Editorial Board. His candidacy was vetted by the area Editor, the EiC, the Steering Committee, and finally approved by RAS President Tadokoro. (September 2017)

11. Prof. Kim will give an invited talk entitled “Fantastic Voyage: Tiny Robots in Bodily Fluidic Environments” in Department of Bioengineering at the University of Texas, Arlington. (September 2017)

10. Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Freedman who will join the University of California, Riverside as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Bioengineering. (July 2017)

9. Congratulations to Dr. Dalhyung Kim who will join the faculty at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes, Southern Illinois University. (June 2017)

8. Congratulations to Dr. U Kei Cheang who will begin a new faculty position at Southern University of Science and Technology! He will be joining the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineeringthis summer. (May 2017)

7. Prof. Kim will give a keynote speech at the international conference on biofabrication, Beijing, China. His talk will be focused on how to fabricate nanoscale robotic swimmers for targeted/localized drug delivery in bodily fluidic environments. (May 2017)

6. Prof. Kim has been elected Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Senior Member is the highest grade for which IEEE members can apply. Only 8% of its over 430,000 members have achieved senior grade. (May 2017)

5. Prof. Kim will give an invited talk entitled “Finding Bacteria: The Bad, The Good, and The Better” for the Fluids at Brown and Fluids and Thermal Sciences Joint Seminar Series. (April 2017)

4. Our ongoing research has been featured on the KSEA Letters. (March 2017)

3. Prof. Kim has been invited to the Humboldt Colloquium at National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C., in which ongoing research entitled “microbiorobotics: biologically inspired microscale robotic systems” will be presented. (March 2017)

2. Prof. Kim will give an invited talk entitled “Finding Bacteria: The Bad, The Good, and The Better” in the BME department seminar at George Washington University. (March 2017)

1. New book, Microbiorobotics 2nd Edition, is now published, which presents information on a new engineering discipline that takes a multidisciplinary approach to accomplish precise manipulation of microscale spaces. This second edition covers new advances and insights that have emerged in recent years. Several new chapters have been added on important new research areas, with existing chapters thoroughly revised. In particular, increased coverage is given to fluid dynamics of microswimmers in nature. (February 2017)