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FY 2019

8. Prof. Kim will give an invited talk at the 2019 Annual Conference for Society of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Biomanufacturing Division and International Symposium on Bio-Manufacturing (ACBD-ISBM 2019), which will be held on December 4-6 in Beijing, China. His talk is to introduce magnetically actuated millibars and modular robots for self-assembling and biomanufacturing. (December 2019)New_icons_23

7. Prof. Kim will give a keynote talk at the 6th International Conference of Bionic Engineering (ICBE2019), which will be held on September 23-29, 2019 in Changchun, China. His talk is to introduce the design, modeling, integration, and application of a 3D printed high power hexapole magnetic tweezer system for 3D particle manipulation.  (September 20190)

6. Prof. Kim will participate in the 2019 NNFC-Drexel-SMU-KAIST International Workshop on Low Dimensional Materials and Their Applications at KAIST, in which he will present solid-state nanopore technology for single molecule analysis. (July 2019)

5. Prof. Kim will give a plenary talk at the ASME 2019 International Conference on Nanochannels, Microchannels and Minichannels (ICNMM2019), which will be held on June 23-29, 2019 in St. Johns, Canada. His talk is to introduce transport phenomena in nanopores for single molecule and single cell analysis. (June 2019)

4. Prof. Kim will give an invited seminar entitled “Control of Achiral Microswimmers in Low Reynolds Number” at the SUSTECH Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering. (June 2019)

3. Prof. Kim will give an invited seminar entitled “Biologically Inspired Magnetically Actuated Millirobots for Complex Navigation and Modular Assembly” at the POSTECH Department of Mechanical Engineering. (June 2019)

2. Louis Rogowski has been featured for his 4 micrometer nanobots on the Popular Science Magazine. (March 2019)

1. Prof. Kim has been designated as a protégé of a TAMEST member, Dr. Ronald A. Rohrer, and will attend the TAMEST 2019 Annual Conference. TAMEST protégés are rising star researchers and scientists whose careers are on a trajectory to National Academies nomination. TAMEST protégés benefit from opportunities at the conference to network with top researchers in the state and learn more about the science and innovation taking place in Texas. (January 2019)