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unnamedWe are an interdisciplinary experimental group that is developing small scale materials and devices for biological applications. ongoing research program can be broadly categorized into three core subject areas: transport phenomena, bioinspired systems design and fabrication, and single molecule biophysics. Although each core program consists of a distinct project, we would like to emphasize their synergistic nature - advances in one core are expected to drive the development of the...

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  • Armin Davish has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation: Electrodeformation in Solid-State Nanpores and Its Applications for Characterization of Nanoscale Vesicles and Viruses. Dr. Darvish will join Two Pore Guys for the development of nanopore technology. Congratuations, Dr. Darvish! (May 2016).

  • Hoyeon Kim has been selected to receive the 2015-16 College of Engineering Lindquist Award! Congratulations on your accomplishments! (May 2016).

  • BASTLab receives a two-year NIH NIBIB grant to develop a high throughput analytical method to characterize rigidity of any nanoscale soft particle at the single-particle level and sort them based on their mechanical rigidity or softness (May 2016).

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