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unnamedWe are an interdisciplinary experimental group that is developing small scale materials and devices for biological applications. ongoing research program can be broadly categorized into three core subject areas: transport phenomena, bioinspired systems design and fabrication, and single molecule biophysics. Although each core program consists of a distinct project, we would like to emphasize their synergistic nature - advances in one core are expected to drive the development of the...

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  • Prof. Kim will give an invited talk entitled "Finding Bacteria: The Bad, The Good, and The Better" in the MSE department seminar at the University of Texas, Arlington. (October 2016)

  • Prof. Kim will give an invited speech about nano/microrobotics for nanomedicine at the International Robot-Tech Forum in Robot World 2016. (October 2016)

  • BASTLab receives a three-year NSF DCSD grant to demonstrate the use of rotating magnetic fields to propel and steer microswimmer robots for medical applications such as drug delivery. The results will guide future development of control systems for microrobotics, and advance towards practically controllable magnetic microswimmers in vivo. (August 2016)

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