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We are an interdisciplinary experimental group that is developing small scale materials and devices for biological applications. ongoing research program can be broadly categorized into three core subject areas: transport phenomena, bioinspired systems design and fabrication, and single molecule biophysics. Although each core program consists of a distinct project, we would like to emphasize their synergistic...

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  • BASTLab has awarded a two-year NIH NCI IMAT R21 grant to develop a bimodal nanopore sensor in collaboration with Prof. George Alexandrakis at the University of Texas, Arlington. Our sensor will be able to detect individual TCR-like antibody-pMHC complexes isolated from cancer cells derived from heterogeneous PDX tumor tissues and distinguish specific from non-specific binding, unbound protein and aggregates to establish targeted pMHC copy number per cell. (August 2020)

  • BASTLab will receive a three-year NSF CBET Biosensing grant to develop a new stacked nanosensor profiling technology for studying protein-receptor complex dynamics in collaboration with Prof. Georgios Alexandrakis's group at the University of Texas at Arlington. (May 2020)

  • Flagellated swimming microrobots featured in Microbiofluidics are highlighted on AIP Scilight. (April 2020)

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