BAST Lab Alumni


Chang-Beom Kim, Ph.D.

Postdoc, 2006-07
Dynamics of Bacterial Swarm
Current Position: ETRI


Jun-Hee Lee, Ph.D

Postdoc, 2010-11
Two Color Laser Induced Fluorescence
Current Position: KIMM


Edward B. Steager, Ph.D. (2006-09)

PhD Dissertation: Actuation and Control of Microfabricated Structures Using Flagellated Bacteria
Current Position: Research Scientist at UPenn


Anmiv S. Prabhu, Ph.D. (2009-13)

PhD Dissertation: Separation of Nanoparticles through Nanoporous Platforms
Current Position: Researcher at Illumina


Dalhyung Kim, Ph.D. (2008-13)

PhD Dissertation: Control of Tetrahymena pyriformis as a Cellular Microrobot Using Various Stimuli at Low Reynolds Numbers
Current Position: Assistant Professor at Southern Illinois University


Wonjin Jo, Ph.D. (2008-13)

PhD Dissertation: Biologically Inspired Flagella-Templated Silica Nanotubes
Current Position: Research Scientist at KIST


Kevin Freedman, Ph.D. (2010-14)

PhD Dissertation: The Study of Single Molecule Protein Biophysics Using a Solid-State Nanopore
Current Position: Assistant Professor at the University of California, Riverside


U Kei Cheang, Ph.D. (2010-15)

PhD Dissertation: Control of Robotic Micro- and Nanoswimmers at Low Reynolds Number Using Magnetic Fields
Current Position: Assistant Professor at Southern University of Science and Technology


Paul S.S. Kim, Ph.D. (2011-15)

PhD Dissertation: The Control of Tetrahymena pyriformis Using Behavioral Responses to Various Stimuli as a Biological Actuator
Current Position: OSloft Inc.


Gaurav Goyal, Ph.D. (2011-15)

PhD Dissertation: Development and Characterization of Nanopore System for Nano-Vesicle Analysis
Current Position: Researcher at Quantum Biosystems Inc.


Armin Darvish, Ph.D. (2012-16)

PhD Dissertation: Electrodeformation in Solid-State Nanopores and Its Application for Characterization of Nanoscale Vesicles and Viruses
Current Position: Researcher at Two Pore Guys Inc.


Hoyeon Kim, Ph.D. (2011-16)

PhD Dissertation: Autonomous Motion Control of Bacteria Powered Microrobots Using Electric Fields
Current Position: Robotics Engineer at York Exponential


Jamel Ali, Ph.D. (2013-16)

PhD Dissertation: Engineered Bacterial Flagella for Micro and Nanoscale Actuation and Sensing
Current Position: Assistant Professor at TAMU-FSU


Sean E. Brigandi, M.S. (2010-11)

M.S. Thesis: Characterization and Control of Artificial Magnetotactic Tetrahymena pyriformis
Current Position: Remington & Vernick Inc.