Baseline Construction and Abrupt Change-based Multilevel Fitting

An improved Matlab based app for extraction and analysis of nanopore data

Solid-state nanopore sensors deliver single-molecule resolution information in the form of electrical signals. The quality of the information depends on the capability of the analysis platform to extract maximum possible events from the current signals and fit them appropriately. We present EventPro, a Matlab based app with four baseline fitting methods adaptive to a wide range of nanopore traces, including those with a step or abrupt changes to maximize extractable events and multi-level event fitting capability. The baseline fitting methods are: arithmetic mean, linear fit, gaussian smoothning, and gaussian smoothning and regressed mixed. The advantages of this platform include:

  • iterative level refining to safeguard against subtle current fluctuations that lead to false levels,
  • calculation of the level mean based on turning points to counter shallowfalling/rising edges,
  • full width at the half maximum approach to calculate the event durationinstead ofusingthe two sides of blockade method,
  • refining of falling and rising edges of the events to prevent false event classification especially in the case of shallow and/or noisy drops

Download and install EventPro

  • There are three versions of the EventPro app, EventPro 1.0, EventPro 2.0, and Eventpro 3.0.
  • EventPro 3.0 is the latest version with added features.
  • Download the zipped file of the version you want to use from the link below.
  • Extract the zipped folder.
  • Open Matlab in your computer.
  • In the folder, double click on EventPro Matlab App installer
  • The app will be installed in Matlab and can be found in the App tab.

More details about this platform are available in : LINK TO THE PAPER | LINK TO THE SUPPORTING INFORMATION